Gallery Soho Den Haag, Netherlands
Gallery De Vis, Harlingen, Netherlands
Museum Hannemahuis Harlingen, Netherlands
Gallery Wiick Maastricht, Netherlands
Embassy Luxemburg, Villeroy & Boch Den Haag, Netherlands
Restaurant 'De Swaen' Oisterwijk, Netherlands
Villeroy & Boch Nijkerk, Netherlands, Luxemburg
Sculpting projects with: Mont RĂ©don and many others, France
Statue and special edition wine of Louis Pasteur, Henri Maire France
Amreff Flying Doctors Gala Noordwijk, Netherlands
Many projects with Schouten Wine & Spirits Den Haag, Netherlands
Coproduction with Henk Savelberg, chef, Voorburg, Netherlands


Museum Rijswijk, Artisjok, Rijswijk, Netherlands
Gallery Brak, Voorburg, Netherlands
Coproductions with Ben Hardeman, chef Zeist, Netherlands
Kasteel 't Kerckebosch, Zeist, Netherlands