Sculpture Projects

  • Urban Chameleon Sculptures for collectors
  • Introduction of WaterDrop
  • Design Project ‘Solar Fins’ for Jimmy Buffett / Margaritaville / Miami, Florida
  • Giant Handshoe at Stadtgalerie Klagenfurt

Project SunGlacier

  • "GO" to build the first SunGlacier Art Project: DC01 (Desert Cascades)
  • Ambassador Wetskills


  • IceBerg Riders at Olana Filmfestival, New York
  • IceBerg Riders – NPO exclusief
  • Unplugged Film Festival
  • Filmhuis Alkmaar


  • Asia Tech, Ahmedabad, India
  • Several presentations in Toronto, New York and Los Angeles


  • Waterdrop: 100’s of publications on international websites, mentioned in many news items, etc.